Asturias beaches – A photo essay

DSC_0379_01.jpgThere is so much to tell about the beaches of Asturias but I guess they are better expressed in pictures as words will certainly fall short. I made a stop in the delightful coastal town of Llanes in Asturias, Spain which is blessed with over thirty beautiful beaches. I  explored the rugged coastline around it cycling along its sandy beaches, feeling the breeze of the cold Atlantic ocean on my face and the warmth of the people in my heart, as the ocean raged against the dramatic cliffs in the backdrop of green meadows. I leave a few memories in photos…

The lovely sea side town of Llanes. Hiking? Check. Swimming? Check.
Cobblestoned pathways – a feature of every medieval European town
I was the only one up this hike. In the yonder I could see the sea but I was on top of the world here and very happy.
I cycled endlessly alongside the green meadows
And then suddenly, I would reach the sandy beaches
And then the occasional backwater
And of course the animals


Isn’t the place just gorgeous? I could go on a hike or rest on its beautiful playas sipping the traditional sidra while watching the sun set in the horizon. How I would love to visit the place again!

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