Fall back on fall

71971_491080770049_662125049_7503267_42071_nIts raining in South India now. I am seated by my window with a piping cup of local chai, watching the rain pattering on the glass. Its a beautiful feeling. I still have a few books to read and there’s nothing that can beat the beautiful combination of hot masala chai, a great book in hand and the monsoon. The swell of the ocean brings about a now familiar November and December as the North-East Monsoon sets in.

This is a marked change from my days in Vancouver where the turn of the season from October to November brought about the most vivacious of colours on the trees. Its a throwback of some sorts, a nostalgia. Alas I pride myself in saying that I am not a nostalgic person but nature can get me back there – rain, the grey skies….I do miss the yellow, maroon red, pink and brown maple leaves.

Fall trees in Vancouver
Fallen leaves in Vancouver 🙂

The colours of nature are indeed wonderful. If the monsoon can offer colours of a different kind, I am not complaining 🙂 But the heart longs for both. How can I possibly get them both?

Rural India and the colours of monsoon

Nature is always…always beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Fall back on fall

  1. Yes, Rain brings cheers if you are at home with a cup of tea and books to read … only if there is power supply or at least natural light enough for clear visibility.

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