United States in December – A Photo Essay

DSC_0180.jpgTraveling through peak winter in cold places is never fun. On a recent work cum holiday trip I was presented with two options – take pictures at -20°C or stay warm in rented rooms. Needless to say, I chose the former. Working my way through parts of Boston, New York, Colorado and Minneapolis over the course of just a little under 4 weeks, I managed to get some wintry snowy pictures with shaking hands. I leave a few here.

The Mississippi is historic – at least to someone who has grown reading Tom Sawyer, this river held a lot of intrigue. Alas, the river was all frozen – a beauty of a different kind!
St Mary’s cathedral, Minneapolis. I must admit that I didn’t enjoy Minneapolis very much. I must have just gone there in the wrong season. Bone chilling winter is an understatement. 
Colorado was a different winter though – more tolerable and seeing mountains up close is always something that can put a smile on my face – St Malo’s church, Colorado
Sunsets are fascinating – especially when it happens at 4 pm! I had almost forgotten how quickly it turns dark in other parts of the world in winter – Estes Park, Colorado
They do make dramatic scenes, don’t they? Sunsets, snow, mountains – Colorado
Must admit – looks like a scene out of a Bond movie – a snowshoeing hike in Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado
Hiking in fresh snow is fun – I had never done it before and this was a nice experience. I had to get super good boots for this. – RMNP, Colorado
Good part about winter travel? Absolutely crowd free – Across Estes Lake, Colorado
I think this scene can make me poetic 🙂 – Colorado winter scenes
This is just a random shot but looked gorgeous even on my mediocre smart phone – Estes Park, Colorado
New York was balmy compared to the other freezing places – the lady shines, New York
Unmistakable landscapes of New York Skylines
No, Boston was not warm either. Add wind to this and I had woeful tales to tell.
I was not the only fool on the streets though – Boston Commons, Boston

After traveling through such cold places, returning home was a relief. I now have a renewed appreciation for people braving these temperatures for months! As for me, I am glad to be back in warmer climates 😀


10 thoughts on “United States in December – A Photo Essay

  1. Wow those are stunning photos! The natural light in NY on that photo is great. It looks like you had a fun time exploring these beautiful places and photographing them. I prefer warmer climate over colder but snowy landscapes are special and put me in a very contemplative mood.

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