Anime: Monster

Monster-anime-poster-239x355Few films and few series have the ability to tell you a story and then elevate the experience to a whole new level. I have not seen many anime nor read many Manga comics. It was five years ago that I had watched this series. I was so enthralled by the experience that five years on I can still recall the theme music, the mysterious antagonist and the setting of the series so well that I decided to watch its 74 episodes again.

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Understanding Almodovar

There was something so painful in Raimunda’s moistened dark eyes as she sang the song ‘Volver’,  that I couldn’t help hoping for her, like a loved one, that her life turns out well. untitledIn this intimate disrobing of character by Almodovar, with nothing but a camera tenderly caressing the stunning Cruz’s profile, he reminds us that her well wrapped fragility beneath the cloak of fearless determination is constantly returning to haunt her.

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