How Sound of Music took me to the oldest nunnery in Salzburg

The fort of Salzburg

Salzburg is an affair of the heart. Romance with music, with the Salzach, with the baroque architecture, with the Apfel Strüdel and how I was to have an affair with the city over my time there! I arrived late evening in Salzburg three hours after having taken the train from Innsbruck. The wide green pastures and towering Alps had given away to  crowded landscapes and hillocks. I took the opportunity to first witness the city by night. The change in the scene was immediate.

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A hike in Innsbruck

Bavaria, Alps and Bratislava 399My time in Innsbruck may be defined by one word: Heavenly. I was either running, hiking, scrambling or even climbing my way to what was one of the most beautiful nights I’ve ever witnessed. If one were to enjoy the Alps in its pristine beauty far from the madding crowd, a hike up to Pfeishutte is highly recommended.

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