Revisiting Italy – a trip to a medieval village


As soon as I stepped out of the station I saw a car braking its speed all of a sudden for an elderly lady to cross the road. The result was some abuses from both ends, vigorous gesticulations and a traffic jam for a good 15 minutes. Ah how I loved it! I was back in Italy after a good two years and I had almost forgotten how different the feeling is, stepping into one culture from another. Entering Italy from France is quite convenient and easy, especially when vacationing along the French riviera. One gets to experience a different culture on a day’s jaunt from another. How could I let the opportunity pass?

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Tips for solo travel through Italy


As a solo female traveler, I never once felt unsafe nor was I lonely or bored during my travels in Italy. I had a chance to travel through Venice, Rome, and short trips to the Amalfi coast and Florence during my stay. I would like to share a few learnings :

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Buongiorno Roma…

DSC_0195“I only know two words in Italian – Buongiorno and Grazie”, I crib to my hosts in Rome. “I want to know more”. Pat comes the reply “You already know the language! The rest is just gestures!” With this assurance I did not attempt to learn the language and thankfully did not need to use any more than these two words in a city that speaks English quite widely and gestures quite wildly.

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Heaven or perhaps something like it

DSC_0139Venice is an enchanting one. She is ready to cast off her veil only when you are willing to enter the narrow alleys of her heart. She frustrates you when you lose yourself into her umpteen back alleys and charms you when you find yourself on one of her “Ponte’s” overlooking the blue of her tresses. She reveals herself in even more glory in all her nakedness in the quiet nights when you are all alone with her and then it sinks in that you are in one of the most unusual and fascinating cities of the world. Three days of romancing this lady has made me a lovesick traveler for life.

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