Lagos de Covadonga – Secrets of Spain

DSC_0365_01.jpgOn the wee hours of a fine misty morning, I found myself on the way to the Picos de Europa National Park battling the chill of the morning by snuggling into a warm sweater and sipping a coffee to warm myself. In what was supposedly a very warm month in the rest of Spain, the story in Green Spain was another. As my bus ascended the green mountain ranges, the fine curtains of mist were replaced by a light patter of drizzle. Frantically I cleared the moist from the window to not lose sight of the intense hues of the green around me and to catch the first glimpse of the turquoise blue of the lake I was heading to.

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Oviedo – A jewel in a crystal box

DSC_0301There are places you have heard someone talking about or you have read about them and say “Hey this is something I’d like to see for myself” and that’s how this trip happened. A few months ago I had read a travel article back from the late 90’s about traversing the northern coastline of Spain and the pictures and the writing created a desire in me to explore that tiny part of the world myself. I had not visited Spain before and if Spain conjures up images of Flamenco dancers, guitars and parched Moorish lands with Arabic influences, I was heading to another little known part of Spain – the Green Spain. The moors had to wait for another visit. So when I had the opportunity to go to this exquisite part of the world, I jumped at the chance.

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