Experiencing Amsterdam

Some of the most popular cities in Europe are struggling with heavy influx of tourists such that the locals are now an annoyed lot. Cities are now geared towards catering to tourists – real estate prices are higher, unruly tourists spoil the city, the locals no longer remember their city as theirs. These cities are slowly turning into Disneyland of sorts and in search of authenticity, a traveler has to look beyond the main attractions.


I was recently presented with the wonderful opportunity to explore parts of Netherlands for the first time. There is much to see, much to experience and a lot to cycle in this country but my time was short. Many visitors to this country start and finish their itineraries in Amsterdam. To experience a slightly quieter and a more local experience, I decided to stay during my travels in the medieval city of Haarlem instead and visit Amsterdam as day trips.

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Anime: Monster

Monster-anime-poster-239x355Few films and few series have the ability to tell you a story and then elevate the experience to a whole new level. I have not seen many anime nor read many Manga comics. It was five years ago that I had watched this series. I was so enthralled by the experience that five years on I can still recall the theme music, the mysterious antagonist and the setting of the series so well that I decided to watch its 74 episodes again.

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Postcards from Rajasthan

IMG_5263.JPGOn a brief trip, I visited the cities of Jaipur and Udaipur, the lands of forts and palaces. Jaipur is the gateway to India’s largest state, Rajasthan located in the north west of the Indian subcontinent and is an overflowing melting pot of a myriad of colours, palaces that can tell tales from yonder by presenting itself in stories of friendship, of betrayal, of love and wealth steeped in rich history. Udaipur is tucked away a further 400 kms inwards tells us of wars, some of which have changed the course of India’s rich history.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

This is a guest post from a dear friend and a travel lover:

SONY DSCTranscending time and space is one of the most magnificent abilities of the human mind which enhances the experience of reading history. The ability to see in lucid details with the mind’s eye what the normal eyes cannot, is a blessing and a curse, for the human mind has this ability to conjure up worlds which might not be as magnificent as we imagine them to be. This ability to bring the past into the present poses a threat: the present itself might be ignored in favour of the past. Nowhere is this warp presented to us as vividly as in Neuschwanstein !

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Munich – The Bavarian Capital

Bavaria, Alps and Bratislava 054.JPGAs my Lufthansa plane slowly descended into the Bavarian part of Germany, I realised that what I had been dreaming about for almost three years was finally coming to fruition: A trip through the land of medieval castles and enchanting forests.

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