Hello, my name is Lalitha. I have been born and raised in India, a country that is closest to my heart (apart from the hassles of dealing with an Indian passport!). After school I had the great opportunity to study in Vancouver, Canada for a post graduate degree in engineering. Apart from an enhanced education, it started in me a great desire to see places, learn cultures and appreciate the simplest of beauties that nature has to offer and since then I seek every opportunity to read up about places and travelling to a few. I work in India now but keep my travel desires aflame.

I have travelled quite a bit in India but have rarely recorded them, and I hope to travel a lot more in my own country and explore the diversity and deep spiritual experiences a land as ancient as this has to offer, especially in the Himalayas. That said, some of my favourite places in the world where I have travelled have been outside of India. Vancouver stands as a firm favourite with Salzburg, Paris, Wengen and Chamonix being some of the places I would love to revisit. I travel with friends when I can and in other times, I travel solo. My best experiences have arisen as a result of slow travel and I typically shy away from big bustling cities.

My other interests include reading books based on historical fiction and science, cinema and Indian classical music.

This website is just a means of leaving my own footprint in this giant digital world. I hope that reading through will encourage some to discover more of the wonderful world we live in.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. You have a lovely blog here Lalitha. That’s one of the reason(s) I followed it. 🙂
    BTW, I guess you should have a re-look at your gravator as clicking it opens to some old blog of yours. If you link it up with your current one, it’ll enable people to read your interesting travel stories and opinions.
    Looking forward to read more about your journeys 🙂

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